How Do You Contribute to the World’s Greatness?

The world is very sophisticated these days. And this is made possible because of the intelligent people working together to solve the problems of the world.

Such sophistication conquers even the areas of battling food shortage and health awareness. But it drops to an absurd end when relationship to other people becomes the issue. There are many illogical things in life. Sometimes, it’s hard to think how people trust each other today and kill each other the next day.

Generally, men like to have wives younger than them. But in a world full of widely different and contrasting ideals and beliefs, the situation is oftentimes treated as some kind of “cradle snatchers” drama and has always been a hot subject of nasty eyes and minds. Deciding on whether something is part of a norm or not is already an inevitable hobby for some people.

Setting up a young girl to marry someone is an easier task. Though the community’s thought on the timing of marriage lies significantly on the age especially that of the woman, still a lot of them are contented being single for a long time and still enjoy a happy married life later on.

Age discrimination is rampant over the companies’ workplace. This should not be the case when choosing the partner for life. Having an older wife doesn’t imply you don’t win the game.

An interesting buyer meets an interesting seller. This has become the game of trade of the once traditional and glamorous marriage arranged especially for two people. Apparently, commercialism and money are already injected to it.

Sometimes, the participation of a third party makes the dealing process more exciting. A marketing plan emerges that often gives irresistible offers like traveling, especially on the part of the woman.

Then, the contract is signed. All the conditions take effect. The traded individuals win their own husband and wife. And it takes time until the new couple becomes close and finally falls in love with each other.

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