Desirable Qualities to Cultivate Attitude and Self Discipline

Your attitude has a great deal to do with your personality. It influences your response to people, events and things as well as your likes and dislikes. People that have a healthy attitude toward life are persons that meet difficult situations with calmness and who are cheerful, pleasant and easy to get along with.

Control your temper – once you have spoken, you cannot recall a single word. A person with an unrestrained temper can throw others into a state of confusion. Everything one say, starts a reaction – good or bad. When you master your own behavior, you will be free to choose the course your behavior will take. You cultivate the characteristics that are desirable and you discard those that are unwanted.

Emotional stability is important – practice self-control. Learn to suppress the signs that betray unpleasant emotions, such as facial grimaces or gestures of anger, impatience, envy or greed.

Be polite. The root of politeness is thoughtfulness of others. Politeness should be easy to practice for it includes all the little things in life such as ‘thank you’ and ‘please’.

You must have a sense of humor. Cultivate your sense of humor. Take yourself less seriously. When you can laugh at yourself, you have gained the ability to evaluate realistically your relative personal importance. A pleasant personality is the key to success.

Learn to display pleasant emotions – graciousness. The willingness to assume the responsibilities of friendship, the ability to fit into new situations and to meet new people with friendliness is all parts of professionalism. A sincere smile sets the mood for warm human relations.

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