A Gentleman Prepares A Romantic Meal For His Wife

A gentleman understands that it is not a sin to relieve his wife from kitchen duty every now and then. He should know how to prepare a nutritious meal on his own without his wife feeling she needs to look over his shoulder. Neither should she be concerned about her kitchen and cookware being destroyed.

A Gentleman Goes Shopping

A gentleman understands that the first step in preparing a nutritious meal is shopping for nutritious food.

For example, he would buy some grass-fed ground beef or buffalo for meatloaf, an assortment of organic vegetables to chop into a colorful salad and to add to the meatloaf, a couple of organic sweet potatoes, some organic fruit for a healthy fruit salad and a few of his favorite spices to spice up the meal.

If he needs assistance in preparing the meatloaf or any other portion of the meal, he goes to his wife’s cookbook, of which he returns in the same condition that he found it when finished.

Preparing To Cook

The gentleman plans his steps of preparing and cooking the meal before he starts. He first lays out the things he will need for the meatloaf and prepares them, being careful not to expose raw meat to other foods, utensils, cookware and counter tops, to prevent the spreading of germs. He washes his hands often while handling raw meat.

Cooking The Meal

He makes the meatloaf with the ingredients he has chosen and places it in a preheated oven at 350-365 degrees along with the sweet potatoes to cook for 1 hour.

While the meatloaf and potatoes are cooking, he does any other necessary chopping of fruits and vegetables for the salads. He prepares the salads and places them in the refrigerator. He understands that if lettuce is being used in the salads he does not put salad dressing on before time, else it wilt. He serves it fresh and crisp.

A gentleman understands that he cleans as he goes, because cleanliness is next to godliness in his wife’s eyes.

Sitting Down For A Chat

After he has finished preparing the salads he sits down with his wife for a nice chat while the meatloaf and sweet potatoes are cooking, as they enjoy the aroma of his nutritious meal. He does not get so involved in the conversation that he forgets to check on his masterpiece from time to time to prevent it from being blacken, when he did not intend for it to be.

When the meal is done he serves it at a properly set table. Afterwards, he is sure to clean up and leave the kitchen in the same way he found it.

Now the gentleman has a feather in his fedora. Especially, if he practices what he preaches around his family, even when no one is looking.

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