What if you were Grateful for Everything?

What if you were absolutely grateful for every single thing that has ever happened to you? Everything. Even your disappointments, along with your triumphs, your failures and your successes, regrets and joys. All of it.

This thought came to me one day when I was doing a particularly good job of beating myself up and feeling sorry for myself. I was reliving the past and reviewing all my past so called failures and false starts. All the things I’d tried and not completed came rushing in. All the things I’d started and not attained the results I’d hoped for. As I sat there in silence, wondering what to do with all this, the question came into my mind in a calm, matter of fact way. “What if you were absolutely grateful for everything that ever happened to you?”

In his book, Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto talks about gratitude and its power to transform water. He says his experiments show that thoughts of gratitude have an even more powerful effect on the creative process than thoughts of love. We hear a lot about the power of love. “Love yourself”, “What the world needs now is love”, and so on. Yet Dr. Emoto shows that love along with gratitude is much more powerful and creative.

How do you want to create your life from this moment forward? What do you say that you are grateful for? How can you expand that list? What if you were grateful for absolutely everything that has ever happened to you? How might it change your life? Try it and let me know what happens.

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