How to Identify a Violent Person

Violence can be a potential health and life hazard to people. The most common places of violence is either at home or at school. In fact in 2005, there are about a thousand women who were killed as a result of an act of violence from their partners. This statistic alone should be a wake up call for women to act against violence. So, how do you deal with a violent person?

You should be able to identify a violent person with the following signs. A person can become violent if he is not able to control his emotions and moods. For people who have uncontrollable rage, it can be very dangerous for you to have around.

Verbal threats are also a sign to watch out for when it comes to violent individuals. Sometimes, they tend to verbally threaten someone but they are highly unlikely to act upon it. The danger becomes real when they threaten you and immediately act upon it.

Do try to stay as calm as possible when you have a violent person in front of you. If he shouts at you, do not retaliate. Let him be, let his anger flow out of the window and do not let your emotions run high.

There might be instances that you are in the same room with a violent person. Get as close to the exit as possible and when everything goes down, you can easily slip off to your escape unscathed.

If you have a violent person within your immediate family, chances are you will try to help him overcome his emotions and get it under control. You can ask for help from professionals that are able to confine his anger problems and give it solutions.

Victims of violence are more likely to hide their current status with their partner all because of fear. Never let this fear get the best of you. Report any acts of violence to the police and let them handle it. Never let yourself be the victim again.

Victims are most likely women who do not know what to do. There are individuals who will be able to help you through such a rough time and most of them are just like you before.

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