Stability Versus Agility

One thing I learned at a very early age was the value of agility. Many people want to go through life and play it safe, and they put barriers around to protect them from their fears, and they think inside of a box. These are the same folks who are afraid to go too far from shore and always sure that they can see the coast. However if you want to get the most out of your life, make new discoveries, and achieve results that others feel impossible, sometimes you have to lose sight of that shore and trust yourself. Let’s talk.

When I was a very young man I got my first skateboard, and at first going down the steep hills I was worried that the trucks were too loose so I tightened them up. It made the skateboard more stable, but it also made it more difficult for me to do tricks and turns, and enjoy the sport. I soon realized that if I loosened up the trucks I was able to do almost any trick. The same is true in aviation and aerospace design. Aircraft with lots of stability aren’t very good for aerobatics – they are not very much fun. Of course, some airplanes are made to stable on purpose and they are made to perform a certain duty.

When it comes to stability versus agility I hope you will choose agility as often as possible. You should value that over all else especially if you are an entrepreneur, play sports, involved in politics, or want to win in your life. If you are afraid to try new things, think new thoughts, or go out and explore the unknown all in trade for stability, commonality, and control. If you want to live your life on your terms and to win at what you do – that is to say to achieve the results that you wish you will have to trust yourself at some point and loosen up those trucks.

No, I’m not saying it will be perfect, you might fall down and skin your knees however you will have lived, while others did not. You’re also more likely to succeed if you will ditch your fears, and perhaps often depending on what you are doing; throw caution to the wind. Indeed, I hope you will dance when you get that chance, and I hope you won’t let any government, authority, boss, spouse, or anyone else dictate those barriers in your life. For true freedom and liberty you must choose your own barriers, and you should choose them wisely. In my life I’ve always chosen; none. Go for Agility and Enjoy Success!

Be Well, Live Well, and Live Longest.

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